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Inspirational Works is dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives with life transforming events. The intent is to increase awareness and provide practical and effective tools for living in balance and harmony with the world and people around us.

Inspirational Works is thrilled to announce in 2011, four exciting new events from two of the world's leading organizations for personal growth and transformation. These events will provide practical and easy to use proven tools, that will give people the opportunity to significantly improve their lives.


AYP - Yoga and Meditation Retreat
November 18 to 20, 2011 in California!

Let go of the stresses of the world and join us in beautiful Malibu, California only 45 minutes west of Los Angeles, for a powerful AYP Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Find a sense of peace and well-being that you never imagined was possible.

See feedback here from our May 13 to 15, retreat.

Learn a balanced daily practice routine of non-rigorous yoga postures, deep meditation and breathing exercises that will take any spiritual and yoga practice to the next level. Easy to learn and ideal for any level of yoga experience from complete beginner to advanced. Healing for the soul; find a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense of happiness and inner connection like never before. Find out more details here...


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